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Ethiopia's state of emergency eased but likely to be extended

Part of the state of emergency that Ethiopia declared in October 2016 is now lifted. Arbitrary arrests without court orders and conducting searches without court papers no more apply.

 The latest order has also lifted bans and restrictions put on radio, television and theatre mediums. Neither security forces can enter and search private premises without orders from courts and they are denied the ability to detain suspects incommunicado, the Minister said. However, he stopped short of disclosing if and whether the state of emergency be lifted within the six-month deadline the government set upon passing the decree, attributing it to lingering security concerns and “isolated attempts” for violent protests. The Minister disclosed that surveys carried out by the government show that “majority of the people” polled favour the possible extension of the state of emergency.

In a presser, Defense minister Siraj Fegessa listed the parts of the law that are lifted:
፨ Police can no longer conduct searches without warrants,
፨ Police is no more allowed to hold detainees incommunicado,
፨ No more curfews restricting access to industrial sites
፨ No more monitoring of inciting media contents,
The easement however shows the possibility of an extension to the State of Emergency.

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